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North Triangle residents ask Noli to include socialized housing in the planned Quezon City Central Business District

March 11, 2008

Residents of North Triangle are appealing to Vice President Noli de Castro to support their demand that the planned Central Business District of Quezon City, a commercial zoning development project covering the so-called North Triangle and East Triangle Area along North Avenue, include socialized housing for them. The residents are pushing for a mixed-use plan for the development of the area as alternative to relocating them in another place.

“Instead of moving 16,000 families to relocation sites far from their jobs and their source of livelihoods, the plan for the Central Business District should allocate space for medium rise buildings as affordable socialized housing for the residents,” said Edwin Nacpil, President of the San Roque Community Council – North Triangle Alliance or SRCC-NTA).

“According to a World Bank study of the Central Business District Project, it will be much more expensive for the government to relocate the families living in North Triangle than to provide socialized housing through medium-rise buildings under a mixed-use plan,” added Nacpil.

“We appeal to Vice-President Noli De Castro to support us by pushing for a mixed-use development plan. The development of North and East Triangle areas should be inclusive, rather than exclusive. It should be based on a mix of commercial and residential housing development, and on high-end and low-end development.”

De Castro, Chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), is in charge of the Urban Triangle Development Commission, which covers 250-hectare North and East Triangle areas.

The Central Business District property is owned by the National Housing Authority (NHA). The Trinoma Mall, owned by the Ayalas, is one of the first malls to locate in the area.

The World Bank has dubbed the CBD project as “the center of gravity of commercial developments in Metro Manila in the coming years.” The site offers the most ideal locations in terms of metropolitan access. It will be linked to at least three metro rail transit stations, and has one of the most expansive EDSA frontages, compared to other central business districts. World Bank contracted the Japanese firm, Almec, to complete the framework plan. The estimated P3 billion project will transform a largely institutional and partly blighted area into one of the most profitable and productive in Quezon City.

According to the Quezon City website, the plan is to organize the CBD into five distinct commercial/residential/ recreational Districts:

• Triangle Exchange is envisioned to have the highest densities of the Triangle Park. It will have commercial and residential establishments fully integrated with the transit facilities, providing the best regional links and commuter access.
• Residences at Veterans will be a mixed-use community with a residential focus. It will have a mix of housing, from high-rise condominiums to medium and lower density dwellings. Residents will have the advantage of having expansive parks nearby.
• Downtown Hub will have institutional locators (medical, training, science, etc.) integrated with commercial and residential developments.
• Emporium will focus on information and technology activities.
• Commons will consist of a park with cultural, recreational, entertainment and amenity focus.


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